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Feature Highlights

  • Format/Beautify Xaml markup in one click.

  • Sort attributes based on following rules:
    • x:Class
    • XML Namespaces
      • WPF built-in namespaces
      • User defined namespaces
    • Key, Name or Title attributes
      • x:Key
      • x:Name
      • Title
    • Grid or Canvas related attached layout attributes
    • Numeric layout attributes
      • Width/MinWidth/MaxWidth
      • Height/MinHeight/MaxHeight
      • Margin
    • Alignment related attributes
      • HorizontalAlignment/ContentHorizontalAlignment
      • VerticalAlignment/ContentVerticalAlignment
      • Panel.ZIndex
    • Other attributes
  • Short attributes tolerance.
    • When an element contains 2 or less than 2 attributes, line break is not applied for better readability.
  • Special characters(e.g., &) are preserved.
  • Respect "significant" whitespace situation.
    • No new linefeed will be added to <Run/>, if it is immediatly following another element to prevent the rendering of unexpected space.
Significant Whitespace between <Run/>
  No Whitespace between <Run/>
  • Indent Xaml markup based on "Tab Size/Indent Size/Indent Charater" settings available in "Option/Text Editor/XAML/Tabs" page.


  • XamlStyler specific options.
    • Define your own attribute ordering rules
    • Define your own attribute line break rules
    • Markup extension formatting
    • Automatically reformat Xaml file on saving


  • Import/Export XamlStyler settings.


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