Comment Formatting

Mar 23, 2013 at 12:27 AM
I love the way Xaml Markup Styler formats my xaml documents, but there is one item that breaks another extension's features that I like to use.

When Styler is invoked, it insures that xml comments have a space before and after the text of the comment and within the comment's end tags. So a comment that looks like this before styling,
<!--COMMENT--> is modified to look like this:
<!-- COMMENT --> That's okay when the inner text is just text, but CodeSmart uses the first character after the start of the comment to enhance the visual experience within the editor, and when a space is inserted there, the feature breaks. For example in CodeSmart plus characters make the text progressively larger a little like this:

<!--+ BIG -->

<!--++ HUGE -->

But after styling it just looks like this:
<!-- ++ BIG --> .
Minus characters do the same thing, except for making text smaller. The bang character (!) makes "important text" red, etc. All of CodeSmart's formatting characters are documented here:

It would be nice if Styler looked at the character in that place and only insert a space, if it is not a symbol, or perhaps a switch to disable the spacing, so that CodeSmart and other similar tools can continue to work with Styler.