Option to split or not split bindings for "dense" code

Oct 10, 2011 at 7:09 PM

First, let me say: this tool is wonderful!

I do have a couple suggestions/questions:

Currently, the tool splits bindings as if the contents of that binding were separate attributes:

			<Button Grid.Row="1" Width="75" Height="23" Margin="0,5,158,0" HorizontalAlignment="Right"
			        Command="{Binding Save}"
			        IsEnabled="{Binding IsValid,
			                            Mode=TwoWay}" />
I'd like to tool to have an option to consider binding attributes as atomic attibutes (as opposed to separate attributes):
			<Button Grid.Row="1" Width="75" Height="23" Margin="0,5,158,0" HorizontalAlignment="Right"
			        Command="{Binding Save}"
			        IsEnabled="{Binding IsValid, Mode=TwoWay}" />
Additionally, this may be a lack of understanding on my part, but I've got my environment pushing attributes to new lines at column 120. 
Should the output look look like the following, or is it also doing newline based on priority?
			<Button Grid.Row="1" Width="75" Height="23" Margin="0,5,158,0" HorizontalAlignment="Right"
			        Command="{Binding Save}" Content="Save" IsEnabled="{Binding IsValid, Mode=TwoWay}" />
Ultimately, you can see the style I'm trying to reach: I like having the attributes well ordered, but I prefer my code "dense" in that 
there is minimal vertical scrolling - allowing the user to see as much as possible (and the ability to line wrap helps elimiate
horizontal scrolling).
Lastly (and I've not checked the forum for this one yet), have you considered a "Format on Save" option, much like PowerCommands enables?
Dec 26, 2011 at 3:56 PM


If I understand correctly, 2 suggestions were raised:

1. Don't format binding (namely markup extensions)

You could achieve this by set "Enable Markup Extension Formatting" as "false" in the option page.

2. Format on save

Please upgrade to 1.5.6, this will give you what you are waiting for.