Some suggestions

Oct 22, 2010 at 8:41 AM

Continuation of a discussion from VS Gallery.


First of all, it turns out that making code beautifier is a much harder than any another extension -
whatever you do, it will not satisfy a big part of the customers
as the extension should act exactly as customer wishes or should do nothing at all;)

> And would you mind give me more elaboration on "2. More sorting options (e.g. list of attributes going before sorted, list of tokens to move after sorted)"?

Oups. "list of tokens" ->"list of attributes".  Two lists with the property names. Proerties from the first list goes before sorted properties, properties from second - after.

However, the most powerful setting will be to create some categories of properties (name/key; layout; appearrance etc. May be, mask-based) and allow user to define the order of categories.