Coming Release Content

Dec 1, 2010 at 8:01 AM

Thanks for all the good suggestions to XamlStyler, they are most encouraging.

I believe I should share what I am currently working on the coming release (1.4):

1. ENHANCEMENT: Incorrect sort of "Property" and "Value" in Setter element.

2. ENHANCEMENT: Formatting of "SINGLE LINE CONTENT" element - Wish List from nayato

3. NEW FEATURE: Capability to collapse empty tags - Wish List from HeavyStorm


And following items to be scheduled in future releases:

1. NEW FEATURE: Capability to style markup extensions - from Sinx (1.5 tentative)

2. NEW FEATURE: Capability to style highlignted markup section - Wish List from DataArtist (1.5 tentative)


Thanks again for all of your constant interest and patience, :).