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Project Description
"XAML Markup Styler" is a xaml beautifer, which makes XAML markup source code beautify much easier by sorting the attributes based on their importance.

This tool can help you/your team maintain a better XAML coding style as well as a much better XAML readability.

Your  suggestions suggestions are most welcome, and  donate donate, if you love this add on.

For lastest version supports vs2010, please download here.

New Features in 2.0.0: download... <= for VS 2012

  • Change Log:
    • ENHANCEMENT: Convert to Visual Studio 2012 detail...

New Features in 1.5.7: download... <= for VS 2010

  • Change Log:
    • ENHANCEMENT: The customized attribute sorting option does not take effect after change. (Issue: 564) detail...

Feature Highlights

  • Format/Beautify Xaml markup in one click.

  • Sort attributes based on following rules:
    • x:Class
    • XML Namespaces
      • WPF built-in namespaces
      • User defined namespaces
    • Key, Name or Title attributes
      • x:Key
      • x:Name
      • Title
    • Grid or Canvas related attached layout attributes
    • Numeric layout attributes
      • Width/MinWidth/MaxWidth
      • Height/MinHeight/MaxHeight
      • Margin
    • Alignment related attributes
      • HorizontalAlignment/ContentHorizontalAlignment
      • VerticalAlignment/ContentVerticalAlignment
      • Panel.ZIndex
    • Other attributes
  • Short attributes tolerance.
    • When an element contains 2 or less than 2 attributes, line break is not applied for better readability.
  • Special characters(e.g., &) are preserved.
  • Respect "significant" whitespace situation.
    • No new linefeed will be added to <Run/>, if it is immediatly following another element to prevent the rendering of unexpected space.
Significant Whitespace between <Run/>   No Whitespace between <Run/>
  • Indent Xaml markup based on "Tab Size/Indent Size/Indent Charater" settings available in "Option/Text Editor/XAML/Tabs" page.


  • XamlStyler specific options.
    • Define your own attribute ordering rules
    • Define your own attribute line break rules
    • Markup extension formatting
    • Automatically reformat Xaml file on saving

  • Import/Export XamlStyler settings.

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